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B2B marketers are looking for ways to improve their social media marketing results, and here are 20 tips that will help with many aspects of LinkedIn.

Nice list of things to do - particularly with your personal profile and company page. One of the reasons most companies are getting no traction on lead generation and lead nurturing is that sales management typically has NO CLUE what to do with LinkedIn. It's the old "unconsciously incompetent" issue.

Since they don't know what to, they downplay it, ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist, and try to stick their head in the sand.

LinkedIn could be the most viable arrow in your quiver in terms of connecting with potential leads (buyers of your services and products) and nurturing those leads.

Not leveraging LinkedIn, whether you're a sales person, consultant, speaker, or trusted advisor, is a shame since you're probably working way too hard to find and generate leads for your business.

Barry Deutsch